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Protect Your Home From Intruders

Heads up Holiday Season
Posted: November 15, 2021 by Niki Yenter-Przystup

As the holidays quickly approach crime tends to increase. While, Mesa County is relatively safe we don’t want to poke our head in the sandstone and unknowingly invite intruders.  The strategies below can help to maximize your home’s security and minimize your chances of being targeted by intruders.

Check Your Doors and Windows - Whether you have a steel or wood door make sure it is solid core and pair it with a deadbolt lock and reinforced strike plate.1 Adding aftermarket window locks are an easy and inexpensive upgrade that can provide an additional layer of protection for your home.

Protect Your Valuables  - Few home invasions are conducted by criminal masterminds. In fact, a survey of convicted offenders found that the majority acted spontaneously.4 That’s one of the reasons security experts suggest placing valuables where they are not visible from the outside.Don’t tempt robbers with a clear view of the most commonly stolen items, which are cash (think purses and wallets), jewelry, electronics, firearms, and drugs (both illegal and prescription).3

Landscape for Security Thieves target homes that they can enter and exit without being detected. Increase visibility from the street by trimming overgrown trees and shrubs that obstruct the view of your property. According to police officers, they offer an ideal environment for criminals to hide.2 Placing thorny bushes and noisy gravel that crunches when disturbed can deter criminals.

Light Your Exterior  - Eliminate pockets of darkness around your yard and home’s perimeter with outdoor motion or stationary lights.  And if you choose a Wi-Fi connected smart version, you or others can receive notifications on the phone when there’s movement on your property.

Make It Look Like You’re Home  -Surprisingly burglaries typically take place when many of us are out during the day.2 A survey of convicted burglars revealed that the majority avoid breaking into homes if they can hear a television.


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